Our Team

Davyd Ramirez

The brains of the operation, Dave prides himself on being able to come up with inventive solutions for each homeowner’s unique situation.

Well schooled, in addition to his real estate training, Dave has earned a BS in Electrical Engineering for Princeton University and an MBA in Information Systems and Finance from New York University.

Dave’s main strength is his being an all around “good guy” who wants to help all of the people he comes across.


Cassandra Ramirez

Cassandra Ramirez has operated in various real estate markets throughout Virginia and Maryland.

Cassandra has spent years not only on her real estate education, but her traditional educations as well.  She has earned a Bachelor’s of Arts from Simmons College (Boston), an MBA in Marketing from the University of Kansas and a Master’s of Science from Boston University.

Cassandra’s commitment to fairness and her “no judgment” attitude stems from her faith and her experiences working with people in all walks of life.

Cassandra is not only a dedicated real estate investor, she is a loving wife as well as the mother of two wonderful children, Lena (age 12) and Alex (age 5).


Hazel Calara

Hazel is our hidden secret.  She is an admin extraordinaire with years of experience being a fast, diligent and efficient assistant.  Her work allows us to not have to focus on the paperwork and really concentrate on connecting with the homeowners we are working with.

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