Our Philosophy

Here is the truth.  We truly and deeply want to help people who have issues surrounding the sale of their home.  To help those who can’t sell their homes and need other options?  Why?  Because we were in your position once.

A large scale layoff meant we had to pull up stakes quickly when a job offer opened up over 300 miles away.  We tried to put our home up for sale but we couldn’t’.  Because the housing bubble burst and we now owed more on our home than we could get.  So we did the natural thing and rented.  Well, being accidental landlords was disastrous for us.  We had a tenant that not only didn’t pay, but trashed our home.  Then we reached out to a local “investor” in New York who scammed us.

We had to start learning about real estate out of necessity.  We vowed that we would make it our lives work to help those families, like we once were, get through what may be the roughest time of their lives…with no judgment.

This is why we frequently ask, “What would you like to see happen?” when talking to homeowners.  And when you answer, we do the best we can to make that happen.  EVEN IF THAT MEANS NOT DOING BUSINESS WITH OUR COMPANY.

Why?  Because we really and truly care.  You deserve to have someone listen to you and respond and we pride ourselves on doing just that.

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