Higher Than Market Real Estate Transaction

This offer is good if you have a mortgage or not. It is not a substitute for a short sale with or without bank permission We offer you the full appraisal value of the home. We don’t negotiate this point. The seller gets as much as they can possibly get owning the home. The seller is still required to pay for all seller fees and services including  title closing costs, outstanding liens, outstanding taxes and any other options or escrows that encumber the property. Here are two simple examples. The first shows that this program does work with a mortgage:

The bank gets $1,000The bank gets $0
Mortgage of $1,000.Mortgage of $0
We offer you $10,000We offer you $10,000
You get $9,000You get $10,000

Here are some numbers from a typical example from Northern Virginia:

Sell Your HomeTraditionalFair Offer
House Appraised Value$350,000$350,000
MLS negotiated Sales price$340,000Not Applicable
Owed Mortgage$280,000$280,000
Minor fixes to get house to full market/appraisal value$12,000$5,000
Placing large items in storage and pay for weekly cleaning, while house is for sale ("Show House")$2,000$0
Realtor's fee$20,000$0
Mortgage Payments while house is on the market$4,000$2,000
Buyer's Comp and time for financing approval$4,000$0


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