How much do we pay for your service?

There are three main costs when selling a house. Paying the listing agent, paying the buyer’s agent and title fees. We save money by not involving realtors. We are not realtors. Any offer that we present to you will be what the seller will make. If you have financing you will have to pay them back, but anything left over is yours.  Home sellers will still be responsible for title fees, any outstanding liens and taxes. If we say you are getting $100,000 you are getting a check from us for $100,000.

No really … When do I pay?

Our fees are paid by the buyer and their finance team. The traditional agent fees of 6% all come from the seller. The buyer pays us one time and we give them 1 year of service, training and support in return.

Can a broker be involved in the transaction?

Yes. We would have to approve their fees and they would have to add value to the transaction.

What are title fees?

The title fee is paid to the title company(legal team), whose job is to ensure you actually own your home and prevent anyone else from claiming rights to it at the county courthouse.



How do you market your listings?

All of our listings are marketed the same way. They are listed on the MLS, which is syndicated to hundreds of national websites, Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. This ensures the highest visibility for listings. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 92% of homebuyers search for their home online. In addition we market homes through online and offline channels, driving home buyers to view your property. Lastly, we place a yard sign. Neighbors and people driving by often know someone who wants to live in your neighborhood. These methods make up over 99% of all home sales in the US.

How long has Virginia Fair Offer been in business?

We have been selling houses since 2011 and has been growing quickly ever since. The concept of no fee real estate commissions is very intriguing to home sellers and we are part of a nationawide team to help sellers get the most value our of their home.

What makes Virginia Fair Offer different?

We are different for a few reasons. Our biggest differentiator is that we are a full service team. You’ll receive all the same services that you would with a traditional agent, but pay no fee. We strive for the highest customer satisfaction ratings, while providing the smoothest and least stressful transaction. This is how we’re changing the way real estate is sold!

What don’t we get with Virginia Fair Offer?

We don’t do 3D images of the home (yet)

Post property on the Internet and create MLS listing (Flat rate)

Create Video Walkthroughs

Take Photographs

Print Flyers

Hold Open Houses

Create Slick Brochures

Use Social Media

Use Pay Per Click Ads on Google /Facebook/ Zillow

Email Blast


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